About WAM

About WAM

WAM stands for Weather, Art and Music.

It is a unique initiative imagined in 2011 by WAM Director Pierrette Thomet, and brought to reality by a bunch of committed volunteers in 2012 through the very first WAM event, the Reading Festival of Weather Art and Music. It seeks to develop innovative events that bring weather and climate scientists together with artists of all stripes in front of an enthusiastic audience, in an endeavour to find new and inspiring ways of talking about our weather and climate change.  

We believe art and science have much to say to one another, and share a great deal more than either discipline might think. Weather has been inspiring artists since the year dot, and we want to build on that fascination. We not only want to be a resource for our audience, but reach out and be a resource for our partners both on the scientific and the artistic side. 

Our events are fun, family-oriented, challenging, surprising, thought-provoking and uncompromisingly determined to always try something new. 

You can read our manifesto here