Extreme Weather Event

Extreme Weather Event

Well, what a day!

Organised in partnership with the University of Exeter and with support from the Met Office, the Royal Meteorological Society, Double Elephant Print Workshop, Exeter City Council and the Institute of Physics, our Extreme Weather Event offered our audience a way of bringing our local experience of extreme weather and climate change to the fore - and talk about it in a positive, entertaining, and even inspiring way.

Talks by the creme de la creme of weather and climate science from the University of Exeter, the Met Office and the Royal Meteorological Society took place alongside the Weather Fair - a collection of entertaining science experiments and activities for all ages, provided by the Met Office, the Royal Meteorological Society, the Institute of Physics and artist Clare Bryden.

Double Elephant Print Workshop ran a hugely successful all-day workshop on the theme of extreme weather, and our audience took full advantage of this fantastic opportunity to experiment with monoprinting techniques and produce their own weather-inspired images. Visit the Double Elephant Facebook page for some cracking photos taken on the day - and our photo gallery for some more of the fantastic work produced by our visitors. 

The main Auditorium acted as a screening room for a brand-new Met Office film on the 2013/14 winter floods and storms in the South-West, and also looked at the question of future climate change and our response to it. 

And in the evening, we were privileged to be able to welcome a very select group of presenters and panellists, first and foremost Dr Helen Czerski who with the help of her co-presenter Prof Peter Stott gave a fascinating insight into climate observations. Inflatable globes really make great science communication props! In Climate Change Question Time after the break, our audience engaged our eminent panel in a very spirited discussion around climate change, how we talk about it and how we can respond to it. One conclusion reached was that we need more events like this one - which is something we at WAM are very happy to hear.

So a massive thank you to everyone who helped make this day such a great success!

Everyone who helped organise it - Peter Stott, Ewan Woodley, Rosie Hawkins, Andy Coles for the stupendous programme design, Pete Hodges, Rosie Eade, Fiona Lovell - and last but not least Peter Cox without whose support this would not have got off the ground in the first place. And a big thank you to the support staff on the day.

A special mention goes to our volunteers from the University of Exeter and the Met Office, who did an amazing job engaging our audience and making sure the event ran smoothly and kept smiling all day. And another goes to the artists who ran the amazing printmaking workshop non-stop all day - Fiona Lovell, Paula Youens, Amanda Sabin and Alice Wimberley. 

Our most grateful thanks to all our speakers and panellists, who came and shared their knowledge so generously when they could have been having a quiet Saturday at home.

And our biggest thanks goes to our audience, who came and had a good time! See you next year! 

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