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  • A new website for WAM

    At last, a new website for WAM! 

    It's really very exciting to be able to introduce our new site, and also very exciting to see all the things we've done already in the same place with all the things we're about to do. Puts everything in perspective and lets us see how much we've achieved in such a short time. 

    The blog is a new departure for us, too - it's designed to be a place where all those of us who develop and run WAM events can talk about the process and keep up a conversation with our audience. We hope you enjoy our posts.

    So what's coming up next?

    In two weeks' time it's Award Time - WAM will be picking up the European Meteorological Society Outreach and Communications Award for 2015 at the EMS Annual Conference in Sofia, which is a very great honour and also a very great pleasure for me, since I get to go to Sofia to pick it up. I'll also have to give a presentation about WAM, and take part in a workshop on climate change communications, which should be interesting. I'm hoping to pick up some useful pointers from everyone else who'll be there, and I'm very much looking forward to introducing WAM to an international audience!