WAMfest 2018

When: 3rd March 2018

Where: The Forum, University of Exeter

What: WAMfest 2018 - Hope

A day of exploration, discussion and fun for all ages, under the auspices of our trend-bucking theme: Hope!

Plans include creating a rainbow inside the Forum building, lots of fascinating talks about where we're at with climate change, and how we can talk about climate change without getting depressed, a whole rafter of music contributions, and some fascinating printmaking activities for all and sundries courtesy of the amazing Double Elephant Print Workshop.

In collaboration with The University of Exeter and Double Elephant Printmaking Workshop - but we're hoping they won't be the only partners in this great adventure. Watch this space and save the day in your calendar! If previous WAMfests are anything to go by, you won't want to miss this one.